I offer two main types of weddings--traditional and adventure elopement. Time to CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!



"I want something different. 

Maybe a mountain top with just me and my fiancé or a small group of friends in the Mojave."


"I have my whole day planned!  

The venue's booked, the invites sent, the caterers hired.  All I need is someone to capture it all!"

Adventure Elopements

Traditional Weddings

  • We pick out an outdoor location for an adventure wedding that fits your fancy.  It might be in a remote BLM desert, an overlook at your favorite National Park, or under the mysterious shadows of the Redwoods, but wherever it is, we'll guarantee that you'll love it! We choose locations worldwide based on your desires.

  • As intimate as it gets. At an adventure elopement, It's just you, the love of your life, maybe a couple of friends and family members, and your photographers.  Guest lists are usually in the 0 - 15 range.  

  • It will go down as one of the best experiences of your life.  Nothing beats pronouncing your everlasting love as the sun sets past the last peaks of the Uintas and laughing as a chorus of frogs and birds cheer on your first kiss as a married couple.

  • A personal and unique experience you'll remember forever.  It's not your standard white wedding, but it's a perfect reflection of you and your hubby and your mutual love of the outdoors. Sure, you might choose to wear white, but you might also be wearing hiking boots and carrying an overnight pack.  Instead of a caterer, you'll have something simple over a camp stove, but be do guarantee that there will be some crazy good whiskey.  You won't have a band, but Joe will bring a guitar.  It's about the experience, doing something you love with the people (or just person) you love.

  • Think of us as your photographers + wedding planners + + minister + Sherpas.  We take care of everything you'll need to be out in nature. 

  • Joe is a registered Humanist minister and has officiated several wedding ceremonies.  He's happy to officiate yours as well or you can have one of your guests do it. ​

  • You plan the wedding (typically at a house of worship or event venue), send me the details, I create a photographic game plan based on your needs, and I make photo magic happen!

  • Traditional weddings are exactly what you expect at a wedding--as many guests as you want, you take everyone's breath away as you walk down the aisle, cut some cake, and dance 'til you drop!  You choose the traditions that are meaningful to you and have a great time doing them.  Even though traditional weddings have a certain formula, have fun and do what's important to do.

  • Traditional weddings are great for ceremonies with lots of religious significance--if you're planning on getting married in a cathedral, getting sealed in a temple, or saying your vows under a ketubah, you probably are hoping for a traditional wedding.  However, some people choose to do a hybrid of a traditional wedding and adventure elopement.  For instance, on some BLM land, you can get a permit or build a ketubah; some LDS couples will get sealed in the Temple but then go out into the woods for separate vows and photos.  If you want the best of both worlds, consider a traditional ceremony with an adventure photography session (which could be used for vows, bridals, a proposal, or just-for-fun photos).

  • I shoot traditional weddings within 200 miles of Salt Lake City and at destination locations (see differences below).