Victoria Felt / Lead Photographer, Champion of editing too many photos, Fabulous at looking surprised in photos.
My camera and passion for the outdoors have taken me all over the world (and especially the Mountain West), from weddings in the deserts of Utah to 60 feet under the waves in the frigid waters of Monterey Bay.  I cherish any opportunity to explore this amazing planet with other adventurous souls.   

While I was working on photography degree, I documented the work of avian field scientists.  That documentary landed me a job working with wildlife and plants at Bryce Canyon NP.  Being from the sprawling burbs, being out at Bryce was my first time really experiencing wilderness, beginning my love affair with the deserts of Southern Utah.  From there I went on to work for the BLM, finding more and more treasures on our public lands.  

Now I live in Salt Lake City (the most perfect place on Earth) with my amazing husband and tiny zoo (a dog, an iguana, a beardy, and some fish). We spend our spare time exploring the close-by mountains and deserts, SCUBA diving, playing at the park, and loving this fabulous city we call home.


I'm good with cameras:                                Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, University of North Texas 2010, 3.95 graduating cumulative GPA

I'm good with kids that can't sit still:        Master of Arts in Teaching, Westminster College 2013, 4.0 graduating cumulative GPA

We are globe-trotting, backpack-wielding explorers.

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Favorite Places: 

  • Utah: I don't have a favorite place in Utah, but particularly love Grand Staircase-Escalante, the Uintas, the Great Salt Lake, Zion, Bryce (my old home!).

  • The Costal Redwoods: We go to Big Sur and Mount Tamalpais for at least one week every year (recently it's been turning into 2 or 3 weeks) .♡ Come join us!  I'm giving a wicked discount to my first Redwoods couple!  

  • Iceland

  • Queensland, Australia

  • Ecuador's cloud forests: I did a zoology/photography internship here in 2008, and I've left a part of my heart there ever since.

  • Galápagos: The perks of being a biology minor: a study abroad in the FRIGGIN' GALÁPAGOS in 2007 ♡

  • Northern Ireland

  • Ireland (or "regular Ireland" as Joe calls it)

  • Anyplace with hot springs

Bucket List:

  • New Zealand

  • Australia (I know it's a whole continent, but I want to see it all!)

  • Rural China

  • Hokaido

  • Alaska

  • Churchill, Manitoba, Canada


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